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Suzy, Adam & Poodle Princess, Myla

All dogs are beautiful right? Right...but combine them with a fresh 'do and some pretty florals and you've reached a whole new level of cuteness! That's exactly what happened with this little sweetie - Myla, the Toy Poodle.

When I first went to meet the soon to be 'Rodgers' family, I was greeted by a couple who's love for their pretty little pup was quite evident and this small bundle of ginger fluff sure wasn't backwards in coming forwards!

I quickly fell in love with Myla, whilst she spent the best part of an hour demanding all of my attention and endless throwing and fetching of toys. The girl didn't quit!

I look forward to and get excited for all of our weddings and I was on a serious countdown to that of Suzy and Adam's, particularly as they were saying their "I DO'S" at the dreamy Kedleston Country House in Derby. For those of you a little new to Wedding Day Dogs, we held a doggy inspired photoshoot here back in 2016 and it was unforgettable - have a butchers through our earlier blogs for the low down! The Kedleston provide a chic and super stylish setting for any wedding and it's laid back atmosphere, boutique-style decor and the team behind it all are proof of why it's such a popular choice amongst couples. Not only that - they LOVE a doggy wedding!

Myla's florals were up there with one of my favourites from this years' weddings and contained pretty pink tones to coordinate perfectly with Adam and Suzy's colour scheme. We also added a posy to the handle of her lead, which completed the subtle yet effective look off perfectly.

We waited on The Kedleston's terrace amongst it's gorgeous garden and under a very welcomed sunshine and greeted the happy couple as they made their way out of a beautifully decorated orangery, with guests flocking to give Myla a well deserved fuss!

The look on Suzy and Adam's faces screamed happiness and they both looked absolutely beautiful - Myla was the cherry on the cake!

When Myla wasn't needed, we stood to one side and quietly observed the chit-chat and good times that were being had between these two lovely families, who took the time to come and speak to me. That's one of the real highlights when involved in peoples' weddings - getting to know both a couple and their loved ones. It's a real privilege!

Photo's taken and all attention sought by this teeny Poodle, Myla and I made our way back home and after a walk and some grub, was left settled and relaxed for the evening.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Rodgers and thank you so much for choosing me to chaperone your precious pup - she was such a sweetie, so well behaved and a total joy to spend time with!

Floral Collar: Jadi Best

Michelle & Hurley x

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