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As Featured in Vogue

Just over two months ago, I received an email from British Vogue and after overcoming the shakes from a touch of shock, I sat down to read it.

The email detailed about how 2016 was Vogue's 100th year and because of which, they were looking to feature three very special editions from November through to the New Year. There were a couple of name drops in there, not forgetting a brief mention about its 1.3 million readers, too!

Part of their editing intentions was to release a 'real women' issue for November. Vogue wanted to draw attention to the changing shift of powerful women through both fashion and business aspects.

The email went on to say how they had come across Hurley's Wedding Day Dogs via good ol' social media (cheers Mr Zuckerberg!) and were impressed by both our approach and concept.

As a result, this little business made an appearance on it's 'Vogue Unveiled' page, listing hand selected designers and services suited for brides-to-be.

Now, I've been self-employed for around 2.5 years now and it's taught me far more than I could have ever imagined, the importance of supporting small businesses being the main one & boy have I had that.

From friends who began sharing photo's on Facebook, to a networking group that brought me more than just custom.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better, I meet a bunch of fellow entrepreneurs willing to help put together a photoshoot that would grab the attention of such a prestigious magazine.

When it came to finding the photo for Vogue, I have to admit - I struggled! I'll blame Ed Godden for giving me over 400 to choose from! I ended up sending three and asked Vogue to choose their favourite, I'm so glad they decided on this one.

Tick is a very special, 9 year old cross, rescued from Rhodes by my beautiful friend, Louisa.

Louisa found Tick as a very young pup on a family holiday and having the caring soul that she does, couldn't bare to leave him behind.

She sourced and payed for veterinary care and housing for Tick in Rhodes, until she was finally able to have him flown over to the UK several months later - he's lived happily ever after since!

Tick is a true example of a pack leader. He's the top dog that keeps every other hound in check and despite his dislike of Boxer's and Bulldogs, he taught Hurley how to have manners and is one of the most loving dogs I've ever come to know.

To be able to use his photo for this feature makes me immensely happy: A young and abandoned puppy, ears riddled with ticks (hence his name) rescued from abroad and rehomed with a loving family, now gracing the pages of British Vogue Magazine.


A small feature in Vogue does not surpass those in Save The Date, Wedding Ideas or Festival Brides (a few more name drops, there!) however, it does continue the ever-growing confidence in a business that will always have a dog as it's number 1 priority.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Michelle & Hurley x

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