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Love and Lilac ft. Cooper the Frenchie

Walking in to Rob and Amanda's home I was soon face to face with an excited Frenchie, eager to familiarise himself with the jewelry I was wearing and seemed to love chewing on it... Frenchie saliva is a wonderful thing!

Prior to our 'meet and greet' I had already begun following Amanda on Instagram and was in awe of her efforts and how many elements of their wedding were made by her. I think it's great when couples opt for a touch of 'DIY' in to their weddings - it makes it all the more personal and meaningful, too.

Rob and Amanda had opted for a gorgeous lilac colour scheme and the Harris Tweed bow tie that we made for Cooper coordinated perfectly, and once we met the new Mr and Mrs Sleaford at the Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel for photo's, they looked like the perfect trio!

I think the effects of a beaming sun and warm weather had wiped out this comical Frenchie as guests couldn't believe how well behaved he was and it wasn't long before he found the attention of two sweet little girls who stood with us and helped to keep his water topped up - bless them! If having your dog at your wedding for cute photo's wasn't a good enough reason, then having them purely for the entertainment factor should be - and that's exactly what Cooper did!

After a fab confetti walk, cuddles from family and friends and not forgetting photo's with Mum and Dad, Cooper and I headed back home for some grub, play time and a well earned snooze.

Amanda and Rob were lucky enough to be able to have Cooper stay overnight with them at the Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel and so I made one final trip back to this quaint, chic venue with a Frenchie in tow, to reunite the new Sleaford Family.

I can't not write this blog without bringing special attention to R&A's Krispy Kreme wedding cake and Cooper topper from Paper Laze!! I mean... ME PLEASE!

I still think myself extremely lucky to be able to call this my 'job' and it's always a total joy to share such a special part of a couples' lives, particularly when it involves time spent with hounds like Coop.

It was lovely to get to know a couple who completely cherished the bones of their pooch and this bunch of beautiful images from Chris Terry are proof of that and the love felt between the three of them.

Congratulations once again guys and thank you for an unforgettable day!

Cake Toppers: Paper Laze (Frenchie) and Sophia Victoria Joy (R&A)

Michelle & Hurley x

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