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All About Alan!

So it's been a while since I last added to the growing collection of real life pup-filled weddings on the blog but after focusing on two fantastic fairs back in the Spring, three jaw-dropping weddings and falling in love with three very cute hounds, there are now lots of fab snaps that'll be popping up, so keep your eyes peeled for some particularly 'AWW!' moments.

Now lets get to it!

Alan. I mean, come on! Could there be a better name for a dog?!

This two-year-old Chonzer (that's a Mini Schnauzer cross Bichon Frisé for those scratching your chin), is one hell of a cheeky chappy, oozes character and was definitely not reserved upon meeting me. That said, he soon had a fuss and left me for the sofa...

It's reassuring when you meet other dog owners that equal your level of craziness and it was evident from the off that Alan was treasured by not just Louise and Josh but by the whole family, too. To be fair, you couldn't not give this boy your undivided love and attention!

When this lovely pair came to booking Hurley's, they decided to include our grooming service in their package which is always a bonus for me as it allows me even more time to get to know the dog and bond over shampoo and biscuits. Alan loved a pamper - like, I mean, LOVED it! We smartened him up, gave him a good Summer trim and even treated him to a blueberry facial (yes, there is such a thing!)

Once Alan's spa session was complete, his smart bow tie was clipped on and off we went to the très chic Shottle Hall.

It's so good to be able to chaperone dogs to any wedding but its always exciting to hear the plans of couples who want to make their hounds' entrance just that little more unique.

Louise had it all worked out and so prior to her entrance and before her gorgeous bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, we let Alan steal the limelight for just a minute by having him run to Josh at the other end!

It really was such fun to see and he made damn sure he lapped up every last ounce of fuss from all of their family and friends.

After having made the most of the weather and capturing some great photo's of the new Mr and Mrs Brereton, Alan and I made our way back to his home for the evening and it's safe to say he was ready for it - as was I!

Louise and Josh - thank you both so much for choosing Hurley's Wedding Day Dogs to look after your treasured hound on such a special day. What an absolute pleasure it was and what great memories I now have.

Wishing all three of you all the very best in your new lives together as 'The Brereton's'!

Photography by Oehlers Photography

Michelle & Hurley x


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