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Our Lass, Dizzie

I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to keep Dizzie after having her for not one night but TWO! I tried so hard to find fault with this girl but everything about her was just dreamy. She loved a fuss, was relentless with ball throwing, perfection off lead and an angel whilst grooming her! Dizzie is the perfect example of a dog we all dream about owning, although some of us end up with a grumpy Border Terrier, with questionable manners and stinky breath...only joking, Hurley!

We couldn't have planned the logistics of this wedding any better really, as Gemma and Nick live up t'North and got hitched at the exquisite Stubton Hall, we were situated perfectly to be on hand for Dizzie.

When Nick and Gemma first came to see me with their clearly very cherished girl, we nattered over a coffee whilst Diz sniffed out one of Hurley's balls (tennis balls that is!) and didn't quit the play until leaving. I think it's one of the qualities so effortlessly loved about dogs - they're so easily pleased!

It's the morning of the wedding and Gemma and Nick seem to have chosen one of the warmest days to marry - great for photo's and Pimms outside, not so great for a hairy Border Collie - so plenty of water was on hand and shade spots quickly became our best friend.

Dizzie's stay with us included a spa session at Hurley's Dog Grooming and my, oh my, was that a treat for me! There's a strange joy that comes from brushing through a squeaky clean, freshly conditioned double coat and neatening up feathering. Gemma referred to her fancy 'new' paws as "hooves" and it did make me chuckle!

Upon arriving at Stubton, we waited quietly in the drawing room until the newly married pair made their entrance. We hid out of sight from guests to prevent spoiling Dizzie's appearance for Nick and Gemma but once they walked through, Gemma was overcome with joy at seeing her girl adorned in statement silk florals and tears were soon a'flowing - it was a lovely moment!

Together with Dizzie, they wowed guests as the confetti fell over the new Davis trio and their nearest and dearest soon flocked to fuss her amongst an idyllic back drop of Stubton Halls impressive, chic grounds.

We left Mr and Mrs Davis to soak up the rest of their day and headed home for yet more ball game!

When the cool breeze came in the evening, we spent a couple of hours out with Dizzie and finished off the night with lots of well deserved fuss.

I was so sad to see Dizzie go home. As a girl who loves her dogs it's pretty easy for me to get attached but there was something exceptional about this Collie and those two days sure won't be forgotten!

Congratulations Gemma and Nick and THANK YOU!

Florals: Jadi Best at Hurley's

Michelle & Hurley x

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