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The Chic Winter Wedding of Dave & Marie, Featuring Pinchy the Frenchie

It's been a mad few months here at Hurley's HQ but I've finally managed to finish this blog, being able to relive some very fond memories of Dave and Marie's chic Winter wedding in the process!

I first met this family of 3 back at Calke Abbey in April last year after they brought Sir Pinch to see us exhibit at the Pop Up Wedding Village. I fell in love with Pinchy instantly and it appeared that our relationship was only set to grow as it became apparent that there was no such thing as 'boundaries' between the two of us...

Yes, that is his face in my tea!

I love a cheeky dog and Pinchy is most certainly the definition - this boy has character aplenty!

Dave and Marie planned their stylish day with a gold (and rose gold!) colour scheme and it was clear that this handsome fella of a hound would pull of a sparkling bow tie like the total pro he is and combined with his grey waistcoat, he very nearly stole the show!

It was quite refreshing to accompany Pinch to Dave and Marie's chosen venues of

St Mary's Church and The Lace Market Hotel in Nottingham. It's a reminder of the hidden gems that sit right in our City Centres and The Lace Market is right up there as one of the greatest, too.

Once Pinchy's job as 'best pooch' was complete, the fun was only just about to start as he spent the night with us happily making himself at home, snoring away on the sofa and dreaming about his starring role in what really was a perfect day!

Congratulations once again, Dave and Marie and THANK YOU for letting us share not only a part of your magnificent day but a piece of a truly wonderful dog who seems to have taken a bit of my heart back home with him.

I couldn't not finish this without acknowledging Pinchy's never ending talents and show you a little feature of him helping out with Ditsy Pet!

Wedding Photography by Jess Rigley Weddings


Michelle & Hurley x

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