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Mel, Rich & A Village Blessing

It's always a wonderful feeling to know that you've been recommended to a couple and when I got to chatting with Mel and Rich about having their Cocker Spaniel, Helmsley involved in their big day, I was just giddy!

Imagine marrying your Mr Right in the company of your beloved family and treasured friends, laced in all things pretty and sporting one show-stopping gown. Imagine the food! The fizz!

Now, imagine doing in twice!

Jealous? Me too.

Mel and Rich first said their vows under the warm sun in Cape Town, South Africa on 27th October and followed it up with an elegant (and equally impressive) blessing in the quaint little Belvoir village of Knipton.

I think it's safe to say that the only thing to better their Cape Town 'do was the attendance of one very attention-loving chap - Helmsley!

I first met this handsome hound at his home in Radcliffe-on-Trent and got to know Mel and Rich whilst enjoying some cuddles with Helms and watching his less than impressed reaction to wearing a pups' tux.

Looks pretty dapper if you ask me...

Helmsley waited outside the rustic and romantic setting of Knipton Church, to greet his newly wedded owners and a tribe of guests who couldn't resist saying hello, particularly as he'd been affectionately accessorised with a handmade floral piece from Zinnia, Bingham, cleverly made to be in keeping with the blush pink roses, gold sprayed berries and rose gold ferns that made up an exquisite floral theme.

After taking full advantage of Knipton's beautiful backdrop for photographs, we headed back to The Manners Arms where the celebrating really got going and as the night drew in, this perfectly placed country venue came in to it's own and matched the true romance of Mel & Rich's day perfectly.

As Helmsley's part in this unforgettable day came to a close, he and I walked around this characterful village before I settled him down for the night in one of the The Manners Arms 4* rooms.

To say it was a joy to be able to play a part in this love-filled day in December would be an understatement and seeing the happiness and humour that Helmsley brought to the day really warmed my heart!

A huge THANK YOU to the new Mr and Mrs Seaman...

Wishing all three of you love, laughter and a happy ever after!

Venues: Knipton Church/The Manners Arms, Knipton


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